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LiveWire Challenges Status Quo

With New CD LIVIN'



October 30 Disc Puts Southern Country Rockers In Mix With Today's Best


"This is the third time I have raved about this band. Who are these guys? Where is the album?" - Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow



Nashville, TN (September 10, 2012) -- To answer that question, LiveWire's much-anticipated debut Way Out West Records' release, LIVIN', issues October 30.  The 10-track CD, produced by Justin Woods, challenges the status quo with music that puts the band right in the mix with the best of today's artists.  A six-piece group based in Joplin, Missouri, LiveWire features lead vocalist Andy Eutsler, lead guitarist Bobby DeGonia, drummer Adam Hagerman, fiddle player Cory Shultz, rhythm guitarist Danny Bell and bassist Landon Rolfe.


From the first note of the disc's opening track, "Don't Nothin' Take My Breath," it's evident that LiveWire is a serious contender in today's market. Co-written by MusicRow's 2012 Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year, Johnny Bulford, Country star Chris Young and Jay Brunswick, the track radiates power.  Slamming drums and a brooding B-3 back the punch of Eutsler's lead vocals.  It's a musical "moment" that proclaims this band's talent and validates its success as 2009 Colgate Country Showdown Regional Finalists.


Brimming with a Southern Rock vibe, excitement and enormous energy interplay equally with tender moments throughout this breakout disc.  Strong lead vocals and soaring harmonies shine, while each band member brings flawless musical execution, adding their own signature flair to the project.


The group's current single, "Lies" (released to Country radio August 29), was written by Eutsler and has been a fan favorite in live concerts since the group first started performing it several years ago.  A hard-driving up-tempo with a deceptively tender lyric, "Lies" showcases Eutsler's versatility, while DeGonia's lead guitar punctuates and soars.  MusicRow's popular tastemaker Oermann notes, "The single has it all: a dynamite rhythm, pristine production values, a lead vocal packed with energy and personality, a song with serious chops and instrumental work that soars."  Matt Bjorke of Roughstock adds, "LiveWire may just become another strong Country radio staple."


The disc slows with the memorable "Livin'."  A passionate vocal tells the tale of life and love from the wild days of youth to the more settled times of parenthood and steady jobs.  Eutsler's performance is imminently believable - as it should be - since he penned this number as well.


Family love and history of a different sort continue as the theme with the moving, "What Makes You A Man," written by the group's other principal songwriter, rhythm guitarist and background vocalist, Bell, about the loss of his father.  The moving song carries the listener from the days of the Vietnam War through to the present.  LiveWire seems perfectly at home throughout this tale of sweetness and sorrow - and the gifts of fathers and faith.


"Better" offers drummer Hagerman a chance to use his sticks to great dramatic effect and gives Eutsler another chance to showcase his ability to pour forth emotion.  Co-written by hit maker Bulford and Madeleine Slate, this power ballad rips bare the bittersweet conflict that comes with comparing one love to another.  The feelings of loss, longing and guilt weep throughout, and once again LiveWire's lead vocalist shines through the pain.


Channeling Southern Rock greatness (think Lynyrd Skynyrd or CDB), the group ups the ante with the darkly-challenging "I'll Go To Prison."  Shultz's fiddle and Rolfe's bass both interplay dramatically throughout this edgy track, which leaves nothing to the imagination.  Chuck Dauphin (Music News Nashville) says, "There are a lot of bad-ass wannabes out there, but LiveWire isn't making a statement.  They're just standing up for what's right."


For LiveWire, LIVIN' is all the statement they want to make.  Founding member DeGonia best sums up the mood of the band at this important career milestone: "I can honestly say that it has been a rough road for LiveWire, but our hard work and perseverance is finally paying off.  I am very proud of what we've become and believe that this album truly shows who we are - and will take us to the next level."  





ABOUT LiveWire

Since forming in the mid-'90s, LiveWire has forged a reputation as one of the top-draw live acts in the Midwest by regularly packing venues in the band's home base of Missouri and in the surrounding states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.  Along the way this homegrown talent has taken the members across America opening for Country superstars including Toby Keith, LeAnn Rimes, Montgomery Gentry, Diamond Rio and Kix Brooks.  LiveWire released a self-titled EP in 2011 which included the group's debut radio single, "Tater Fed," a stirring backwoods rocker that quickly became the band's anthem.  Since then, LiveWire's music has found success at Country radio, both in the U.S. and in Europe, and its videos have received airplay on CMT Pure, The Country Network, Yallwire and others.  


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About Way Out West Records

Way Out West Records Nashville is an independent label founded on the principles of nurturing creativity and artistry through long-term development and marketing strategies.  The label was co-founded by flagship artist Shawna Russell in 2008.




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