Daryl Mosley

Calling Daryl Mosley a singer/songwriter is only correct in the most basic sense. Daryl is a gifted songwriter and storyteller who paints vivid pictures of life as it could be, used to be, or might have been. He’s not flashy; just a man with a guitar, a voice as smooth as molasses in winter, and some exquisitely crafted songs that resonate deeply with people of all ages and backgrounds. Mosley's musical poetry has led to him being twice honored as Songwriter of the Year, six #1 songs, and three Song of the Year awards. Other artists including Lynn Anderson, Bobby Osborne, Josh Williams, the Booth Brothers, and Carolina Blue are among the many who have recorded his songs. Throughout the 1990s, Mosley toured as the lead vocalist with the much-celebrated bluegrass group New Tradition. In 2001, he joined the legendary Osborne Brothers. In 2010, he formed the band The Farm Hands who quickly became one of the most awarded acts in bluegrass music. Yet, the common thread throughout his career has been the union of Mosley's picturesque songs and his easy vocal delivery. This marriage has taken him to the pinnacle of musical stages and venues ranging from the Grand Ole Opry to the legendary Bluebird Cafe to even West Point Military Academy. In 2020, Mosley's talents step brighter into the spotlight with the release of his first solo album. “The Secret of Life” on Pinecastle Records is an impressive collection of Daryl’s originals delivered pure and honest. From the retrospective “A Few Years Ago” to the eerie sales pitch of “The Deal” to the classic bluegrass attack on “A Piece At A Time” the album delivers musical short stories. Each song stands alone and at the same time weaves together with the others into a tapestry of insight into the life and the heart of writer.


Current Single: " In A Country Town" (release date: Nov. 13, 2020)

Current CD: The Secret of Life (release date: May 22, 2020)

"THE SECRET OF LIFE CD Cover (Hi res jpeg)

"A Few Years Ago" Single Cover

Daryl Mosley PR shot #1 (blue) by Patty Lindley

Daryl Mosley PR shot #2 (red) by Patty Lindley

Daryl Mosley PR shot #3 (with guitar) by Patty Lindley

Daryl Mosley PR shot #4 (in the kitchen) by Patty Lindley

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