Vince Youngs

Let’s say you’re out in Modesto. You drop in at a nightclub, hoping to hear some great live music. Somebody says, “Hey, I want you to meet a friend of mine.” And you’re shaking hands with Vince Youngs. Twenty-four years old. Friendly, kind of soft-spoken. You chat for a few minutes and you’re thinking, “Nice guy! I wonder what he does for a living.” A few minutes later he excuses himself. You hang out a while longer at the bar. Then the room dims, the stage lights blaze, the band rocks into a sizzling intro and out comes … Vince Youngs! Only this time he’s swaggering a bit. He’s radiating charisma. He grabs the mic and starts to sing. His voice has deepened, with a raspy soulful edge. All around you people are watching, listening, singing along, dancing. The room is on fire. Can this be the same Vince Youngs you had just met a few minutes before? The answer is: Yes, it is. And, no, it isn’t. Once he’s in front of an audience or in a recording studio, he seems to transform. He’s in total command. He can caress a ballad until it melts. He can pump his unique energy through an uptempo rocker until you feel it in your soul too. So who is Vince Youngs? Well, he’s a country boy, raised in a house surrounded by five acres of California pastureland. He’s a former U.S. Marine and semipro baseball player. He’s a world-class line and swing dancer — in fact, he teaches both styles even now.

Current Single: “My Turn”



Vince Youngs PR shot by Michael Giancana (Hi Res Jpeg)

“My Turn” Single cover (Hi Res Jpeg)

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