so much MOORE and PR Maven Martha Moore

Celebrate 15 Years of Success - - And Still Going Strong



Nashville, TN (January 12, 2003) – Martha Moore, President of so much MOORE media & marketing (, announces the company’s 15th anniversary this year.


Much more than your average publicist, Moore spent 12 years at MCA/ABC and PolyGram Records, respectively, before launching her own company. Her stints as Manager, and then Director, of Press and Artist Relations/Development, have given her incomparable knowledge and experience – and her unique talents are evident in her success. During her career, Martha has worked with talents as diverse as Bon Jovi, Johnny Cash, Don Williams, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Loretta Lynn, George Strait, KISS, Kathy Mattea, Bar-Kays, Tanya Tucker, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Jimmy Buffet, Tears For Fears, Kool & The Gang and John Mellencamp.


Fifteen years of heading her own company have parlayed Moore into a globally savvy publicist of the highest order. Current clients include country/Americana/folk-genre artists, Kenny Butterill, Brooklyn Cowboys, Hank Cochran, Ricky Dean Morgan, Lisa O’Kane and Chuck Pyle.


Combining her unlimited connections and boundless enthusiasm with a powerhouse work ethic, Moore formed so much MOORE media and marketing in 1988 – and drove herself straight to the top of Nashville-based PR firms.  Bringing an unparalleled level of client commitment to the table, Martha is well respected by the media and well loved by those for whom she labors. By focusing on national and international product releases and touring campaigns, Moore created a niche – for herself and for her clients – and then filled it.


Upbeat and full of energy, Martha has an outlook on life that says it all:  “It’s wonderful to approach each day with a smile.  I am extremely fortunate to be working with not only gifted entertainers but also appreciative clients.  It is a rare pleasure.”


A multitasker long before it became the norm, Martha includes among her accomplishments a stint as a music columnist and photographer for Country Music Plus Magazine/Ireland; she has seen her photographic work incorporated into a line of greeting cards and album art.  However, Martha has never lost focus of her primary interest: the PR company that bears her name.


Rarely will you find Martha Moore at rest. On the horizon for 2003, she plans to solidify relationships with international concert organizers and promoters, exhibit her photos, and travel for business and pleasure.